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Our Mission 

Posting an advertisement on social media and boosting it to lakhs of people is the old way of digital marketing and a recent report states that people are fed up watching these things on their timelines. In fact, this resulted in the plummeting of leads in many cases.

What we need is an effective and innovative way of digital marketing technique that never existed until now. We at WE ARE VERY, are highly motivated and experienced professionals with exceptional skills in the digital marketing field. We will give the best possible ways to bring loyal customers to your desk. We are here not only to help you promote your brand but also to make you a unique brand in your area. 

WE ARE VERY offers full-fledged digital marketing from design, branding, strategizing, content writing, media, and marketing. Click on services to know more. 

Our Approach

Here's how we approach creating marketing campaigns:
Client Goals & Budget
By knowing the client’s business, their goals & their budgets we discuss & choose suitable digital marketing services before planning the strategies. 

Campaign Planning
We help the client to understand how the services will impact their business growth & design marketing strategies & advertising campaigns accordingly. 

Campaign Execution & Optimization
Our expert Digital marketing team executes the campaigns and constantly optimizes them for better results.

Reporting & Further Planning
Based on key-performance indicators the results are measured and insightful reports are generated which help in further planning. 

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Our Story

We Are Very is started by two young aspiring filmmakers. Sai Battina the Founder & Managing Director rose from being a normal graduate to founding his dream company. He started his career as a freelance political writer for a few leaders in the Telugu States. Also an infamous ghost film writer among his peers. He penned many scripts for films and short movies as a ghostwriter. Being enthusiastic and passionate about his job, he still continues to write. 

On the other hand, Chaitanya Kodumuri the Co-Founder & CEO is an experienced professional Graphic Designer who edited 100+ short films and received awards for his creations. His love for the creative field and creating art is something that pushes his boundaries beyond his capabilities.

The team of WAV is full of energetic, passionate, young aspirers and experienced professionals with creative minds. Their dedication and knowledge in their respective fields bring better outputs. 


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