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Brand Name

"We Are Very" skilled at naming brands. You see what we did there? That’s cool right? That is what a strong brand name can do. A name is therefore much more than just a combination of alphabetic letters.

You could come across brands these days that have the most peculiar names imaginable. Nevertheless, those brands have been able to achieve incredible success. Why do you think that is? 
It's because those names do a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the business. As long as they are memorable, easy to spell, and excellent representations of what you're attempting to do, it doesn't really matter if they sound strange.
The name must be unique, genuine, and enduring for it to appeal to your target audience. It ought to stick in their minds, foster and uphold consumer trust, and continue to be applicable as your business changes.

How do you build a powerful brand name?


The most crucial and time-consuming task you'll face after beginning your brand is definitely building a strong brand.

  • We Are Very focuses on incorporating your brand's spirit into the name.

  • Our creative team uses innovative and research-based methodologies to develop various naming choices.

  • The names are then carefully scrutinised to determine their linguistic appeal, warmth (so the name is inviting), and ability to stick in people's minds after hearing them.

Brnad Name.png

Common Issues

  • Not allowing enough time to consider and research naming options.

  • How does the name fit within the overall brand and corporate architecture to increase leverage, clarity, and synergy?

  • Does the brand name pass the required checks for strategic fit, auditory appeal, linguistics, legality, and availability of websites and URLs?

  • Is it simple to pronounce the name?  The internet has revolutionised worldwide trade, therefore make sure it doesn't have any bad connotations in any other languages.

Ready to Make Your Business More Effective?

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