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We Are Very Efficiently Manages Your Business’s Digital Reputation for Years: GoodFirms

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

How a two-year-old IT-business venture turned out to be the most popular digital marketing brand - ‘We Are Very’; read the entire story in the words of Chaitanya Kodumuri, the Founder & CEO of We Are

We Are Very Efficiently Manages Your Business’s Digital Reputation for Years: GoodFirms

We Are Very is a Hyderabad, Telangana-based company in India that was established in 2020, during the pandemic, to handle unlimited audiences in one place only. The company deals in providing extraordinary digital marketing services to its clients worldwide. IT builds, manages, and delivers ads on all the known platforms.

We Are Very is a social media advertising agency that follows an effective and innovative digital marketing technique that gives the best possible ways to bring loyal customers to their client’s desks. The company is not just here to help promote a brand but also enables its client business to become a unique brand in their particular area.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Chaitanya Kodumuri - the CEO and Founder of We Are Very, shared how the company got established and what his role is in the company.

Chaitanya starts the interview by sharing that We Are Very is dedicated to assisting brands looking for a creative voice utilizing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Two years back, the company was a startup, but it has grown into a full-fledged marketing and promotion agency. Being the founder member, Chaitanya is a Graphic Designer by profession and CEO of the company who handles all the technical matters of the company.

Chaitanya introduces the company’s co-founder, Sai Battina, who is also the company's Managing Director. He shared an interesting story behind the company's inception when he and Sai, two young aspiring filmmakers, met on a film set. They both were appreciative of each other’s work and initiated their dream venture together. Their mutual respect and admiration for each other gave birth to the evolution of a new-age digital marketing company - “We Are Very”.

While asking about the company's business model, Chaitanya agrees that they outsource work from third-party vendors. He differentiates the company based on its uniqueness. He said, “We provide unique, strategic-based creative designs with proper licence and a one-stop solution for all of your digital needs.”

Chaitanya - the CEO, depicts the experience and professionalism of the company’s employees in multiple industries. He shared that they work for all types of industries without any limitations, and 90% of their clients are repetitive. As he cleared, the clients mostly approached the company for its social media marketing, digital marketing, and branding activities.

Chaitanya affirms that We Are Very helps its clients understand how its digital marketing services impact the growth of its client business. They design marketing strategies and advertising campaigns accordingly. Before initiating the marketing plan, the company profoundly gets involved in their clients' businesses, goals, budgets, and suitable methods to follow. As his calculations suggest, the company secures a 90% customer satisfaction rate as the clients who initially joined are still associated with them. Also, all the clients have been obtained through referrals.

Chaitanya shares about the robust support system the company offers to its clients. The experienced digital marketing team in the company executes the marketing campaigns and constantly optimizes them for better results. The results are measures with generating insightful reports based on key performance indicators that help further plan the projects. Leading review and rating companies like GoodFirms rank We Are Very as a top digital marketing company in Hyderabad and appreciate what the company does to its clients.

He affirms that the company’s employees are pretty professional, and they work extra to put in additional effort whenever needed. They are not just working on online marketing but also perform analog marketing and help clients with branding materials and other similar requirements. The dedicated employees also handle the online reputation management for their clients by responding to negative comments and reviews.

We Are Very follows the pay per milestone payment structure to bill its clients. Payments are accepted through credit cards, debit cards, and net banking methods. Although Chaitanya said, the company follows fixed but very transparent pricing plans for its clients. The company's affordable prices and effective marketing range from INR 30,000 to INR 70,000. The minimum catered range for the program offered in 2020 was INR 30,000, and the maximum range was INR 2,40,000.

Chaitanya concludes the interview enthusiastically, sharing, “I would like to see the company work for each and every industry and also cater to more clients overseas.”

The detailed interview can be obtained from the GoodFirms profile page of the company.

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