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Pricing and Features

Start growing for free. Upgrade to unlock more features


    Kickstart Your Presence with Our Basic Plan
    Valid for one month
    • Oversight of social media accounts - Instagram & Facebook
    • Creation of 25 visually appealing social media designs
    • Development of 2 engaging Reels
    • Crafting SEO-friendly content for increased visibility
    • Implementation of targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads
    • Proactive Online Reputation Management
    • Strategic Leads Generation efforts
  • Popular


    Designed for growing businesses
    Valid for one month
    • Personalized management of your social media handles
    • Unleash 30 stunning social media designs to dazzle your audi
    • Elevate engagement with 4 captivating Reels that tell your u
    • Optimize visibility through SEO-friendly content
    • Harness the power of Social Media and Google Ads
    • Fuel thought leadership with 4 impactful blogs
    • Safeguard your online reputation
    • Drive growth with strategic Lead Generation

    The Ultimate Package for Digital Distinction
    Valid for one month
    • Comprehensive social media management
    • 50 innovative designs, 15 engaging Reels
    • SEO-friendly content for enhanced visibility
    • Powerful combo: Social Media & Google Ads
    • 8 impactful blogs, personalized branding
    • 15 captivating Story creatives
    • Proactive Online Reputation Management
    • Advanced Leads Generation strategy
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