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How did we increase Instagram followers for a brand of silver jewellery by 115.6% in just 30 days?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

How did we increase an Instagram following for a brand of silver jewellery by 533% in just 30 days?

Client Background:

Our client is a high-end silver jewellery brand specialising in designing and creating unique and exclusive silver jewellery. The newly launched brand is renowned for crafting intricate and exquisite pieces that cater to a niche clientele. They had an Instagram page with 3,000 followers, struggling to grow despite consistent posting.

Challenge (Instagram Followers):

Our client wanted to increase their Instagram followers, brand's reach and attract a wider audience without compromising brand values. We suggested a limited budget of just Rs. 45,000 and tried to maximise it to achieve the desired results. The client also wanted to increase their footfall and sales, which were stagnant despite their excellent product quality and customer service.


After analysing the client's target audience and Instagram analytics, we recommended running a contest on their Instagram page to increase engagement, reach, and followers. We developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, including creating and executing a contest campaign with a dedicated hashtag. We also developed ad creatives and ran targeted Instagram ads to reach a larger audience and promote the contest.

Women's day contest to increase followers for an Silver Jewellery brand in hyderabad

The contest's objective was to encourage new and existing audiences to engage, follow, and interact with the brand by following the page, tagging others, and sharing the post with any women who inspired them for the Women's Day contest using the dedicated hashtag. The winners would be chosen based on the creativity and relevance of their entries, and they would receive exclusive jewellery pieces as prizes.


Our team executed the contest campaign over a month, during which we optimised ad creatives and targeted audiences based on engagement and reach metrics. We also created engaging Instagram Stories, Reels, and Instagram Posts to keep the audience entertained with the contest and the brand.

To track the campaign's progress, we used Instagram analytics, including reach, engagement, and follower count, to measure the contest's success.


At the end of the campaign, the client achieved the following results:

Social media marketing results by we are very digital marketing company

- 2.5 million reach

- Increased followers from 3,000 to 11,285, a 155.6% increase

- 43% growth in business compared to the previous month

- Increased footfall in the physical store

The contest was a massive success, and the client received an overwhelming response from their target audience. The brand's increased visibility and engagement on Instagram translated into significant growth in business, proving the efficacy of a well-planned digital marketing campaign.


Our digital marketing agency successfully helped our jewellery client achieve their desired goals by creating and executing an effective Instagram contest campaign. The contest increased the client's reach and followers on Instagram and their footfall and sales, proving the value of social media marketing in driving business growth.

Note: The confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. Hence we choose not to disclose their name.

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