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Instagram algorithm and How to beat them?

Updated: Mar 12

Instagram algorithm and How to beat them?
Instagram algorithm and How to beat them?

Instagram algorithm:

Instagram's algorithms have been the subject of various arguments and discussions since it moved away from the traditional chronological feed. Initially, You would see the newest posts on your feed first without any other factor playing a role.

Instagram's algorithm has just been updated with a number of changes. It continues to filter and arrange its feed in order to give users more relevant content. Actually, there are multiple algorithms at work across the app, each of which is tuned to deliver content that the app feels would be of great interest to its users.

The following are the factors that the Instagram algorithm considers important:

  1. Engagement

  2. Relevancy

  3. Relationships

  4. Timeliness

  5. Profile searches

  6. Direct shares

  7. Time spent

Instagram's developments haven't slowed down either. It upgrades its features and algorithms every month.

Strategies to beat Instagram algorithm:
Strategies to beat Instagram algorithm
Strategies to beat Instagram algorithm

It may be difficult, but not impossible, to beat the Instagram algorithm. Here are some ideas for beating the Instagram algorithm and increasing the performance and reach of your account.

  1. Focus on Unique, High-Quality Content - Quality Over Quantity

  2. Post on Trending Topics

  3. Make Short Video Posts

  4. Use Your Pictures to Better Tell Stories

  5. Build Your Instagram Page Around a Theme

  6. Find Your Optimal Posting Times

  7. Use Calls to Action in the Middle of Your Posts

  8. Host a Giveaway Contest to Engage Followers

  9. Go Live on Instagram

  10. Within a few hours of posting, respond to all comments on your postings.

  11. Encourage your followers to save & share your content.

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