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Social media algorithms and how to beat Facebook algorithm?

Updated: Mar 12

Social media algorithms and how to beat Facebook & instagram algorithms?
Social media algorithms and how to beat Facebook & instagram algorithms?

Have you ever wondered why certain social media algorithms are in place? Though it may appear that algorithms are trying to get you or hide your information from the people, this is not the case. No two platforms use the same algorithms.

What are social media algorithms?

A social media algorithm is a set of rules and data that determines what people on the platform want to view. Every person who utilises a social media site has a unique algorithm, which means no two people will have the same social media news feed.

In general, social media algorithms assess user behaviour and prioritise content that the platform believes the user would choose to view and engage with the most.

Facebook algorithm:
Facebook algorithm
Facebook algorithm

The Like button has always been at the heart of the Facebook user experience, not just because we see it on everyone's posts, but also because it allows us to customise (and influence) our own. It's been helping Facebook's programmers figure out whether posts are thrilling, boring, upsetting, and so on since it was originally launched in November 2007.

The algorithm that regulates Facebook's News Feed has advanced significantly in recent years. It's no longer just about the Like button, and it's not simply because response buttons have been added to the mix.

The following are the factors that the Facebook algorithm considers important:

  • Relevancy Score

  • Prioritizing Friends

  • Time Spent on a Post

  • Video Engagement

Strategies to beat Facebook algorithm:
Strategies to beat Facebook algorithm
Strategies to beat Facebook algorithm

The key goal is to build engagement so that you can reach out to your audience organically. This is accomplished by ensuring three crucial elements:




So, let's get started on the important strategies that will help you get the most out of Facebook.

  1. post valuable content

  2. Make the most of native content.

  3. boost your posts

  4. spark a conversation

  5. prioritize reactions over likes

  6. avoid engagement bait

  7. directly address your audience

  8. With Facebook Stories, you can rise above the algorithm.

  9. When your target audience is online, you should post.

Facebook's algorithm is very, very complex. In fact, It is by far the most complicated algorithm of the other social networks.

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