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How did we help a real estate company generate one crore+ business in 30 days?

Client (Real Estate):

A new real estate company has just entered the market, specialising in selling plots in a suburban area.

How did we help a real estate company generate one crore+ business in 30 days?


The client is new to digital marketing and needs a website. They wanted to generate leads and sales quickly to establish themselves in the market.


We used Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to generate leads and drive sales. We created profiles on both platforms and created content to promote the plots. We also used influencer marketing and reels to reach a larger audience with a minimal ad budget. In LinkedIn, we targeted the IT audience to generate quality leads. Our primary campaign offered customers a 12 iPhone mini as a gift when they purchased a plot.


We created a series of social media posts showcasing the suburban area and the plots available for purchase. We also created engaging content, including videos and images shared on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We used hashtags and targeted ads to reach potential customers.

To generate leads, we created a lead generation form that allowed customers to enter their information and express interest in purchasing a plot. We also used a chatbot to help answer customer questions and provide more information about the plots.

We contacted several local micro-influencers and asked them to promote our campaign on their Instagram profiles. We also created reels showcasing the plots, which helped to generate more interest and engagement.


Within 30 days, we generated 200 leads through Facebook and Instagram ads. Of those leads, 50% responded positively to the campaign, resulting in 100 potential sales. With an average ticket value of 7,45,000, the client made a business of 1 crore 12 lakhs in just 30 days.

Client was able to close 15 real estate  leads  with the help of we are very digital marketing agency


By leveraging Facebook and Instagram, using a minimal ad budget, and implementing influencer marketing and reels, we were able to help our client generate leads and drive sales quickly. With a well-executed digital marketing campaign, we established our client as a critical player in the real estate market in just 30 days.

Note: The confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. Hence we choose not to disclose their name.

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