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Trendiest marketing ideas to attract Gen Z

Updated: Jan 4, 2023


1) Memes

Our social media feeds are always filled with memes, and we are not complaining! Memes are currently the most relatable content for Millennials and Gen Z. And what was at first just for fun has evolved into a highly appealing marketing concept. Many big brands are now posting memes on their social media handles as a way to attract people, and it is definitely working. The main purpose of memes is not only to market but also to make people understand that they are the same as them, not any different, even though their brands are massive.

Examples : Zomato, Swiggy, Netflix, Chipotle, Disney+ Hotstar, Tinder India


2) Influencers

A recent study found that 3 out of 5 consumers are likely to test products after hearing about them from influencers. When researching products or even choosing which ones to purchase, many social media users rely on influencer recommendations. Influencers are more connected to their followers thanks to their regular posts, reels, or lives. So people rely on their recommendations before blindly purchasing any products.

Influencer marketing enables brands to advertise through an individual that a niche community regularly follows, interacts with, and trusts. Direct advertising to target audiences is made possible by it for brands.

Examples: Coca-Cola Challenge, Sugar Cosmetics Challenge

Visual content

3) Visual content

GenZ marketing necessitates the creation of captivating visual content. To address the short attention span, it is best to communicate your ideas as rapidly as possible. GenZ frequently engages with reels and memes that are trending. Less text-heavy information that is visually appealing will be more likely to be absorbed.

A brand must produce captivating visual material. Its substance should be relatable, and its characters must be adorable and visually appealing. Following the trends can be an advantage as it reaches a larger audience.

Core Values

4) Core Values

The hidden soul of your brand should be your core principles. They assist in communicating your values to potential customers. They have nothing to do with selling.

The connection between your brand and your customer is built by strong storytelling that is real and true to your business's ideals. Clear, sincere basic principles will frequently ring true. This makes them necessary.

Interactive Content

5) Interactive Content

Marketers have fantastic potential to reach record-high levels of audience engagement with interactive marketing.

Because it can be challenging to keep readers interested in a lengthy piece, interactive storytelling can be a valuable tool for marketers. Use visual elements like clickable maps, charts, animations, and infographics to help break up text and prevent readers from feeling bored or burned out.

You can make quizzes and polls on just about any subject, and they are a great way to engage website visitors.

Use of phrases like "add to the list," "comment below," and similar expressions encourages audience participation.

Example: Bingo game

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